The MediBoard holds a variety of information on health for patients to read while they wait to see their healthcare professional. MediBoard organises the distribution of A3 posters and DLE/A5 brochures through our network of representatives who service the boards every 4 weeks to track movement of brochures and replenish the stock. 

Overview Of The MediBoard Service

MediBoard is a licensed business that has been operating for over 15 years, and we have 800 information boards nationwide. It offers a contemporary board to display your brochure and poster resources with a placeholder system that always looks professional and tidy.

MediBoard provide a distribution service and guaranteed placement of your brochure or poster information in a nationwide MediBoard network available in over 61% of General Practitioner waiting rooms, where your message is:

  • Viewed

  • Read

  • Uplifted, by consumers and health care professionals.

MediBoard Coverage

MediBoard's current service area covers 84% of possible General Practice sites in New Zealand.

  • 70% of MediBoard sites are located in General Practices,

  • 15% in Hospitals

  • 16% in a diverse range of community health sites for example: Physios, Maori Community health and Plunket to name a few

  • Auckland Labtest network: 21 MediBoard sites

  • Our total audience views per year is estimated to be 8,000,000 with each New Zealander visiting their GP on average 3 times a year

MediPoster (Print & Digital)

MediPoster can feature X 2 A3 posters with your brochure. This channel has over 430 sites nationwide.

Digital MediPoster is designed as a cost effective option to include in your waiting room campaigns that delivers portrait poster content alongside your brochure in a high profile waiting room setting. 

The digital poster network is designed to gain maximum exposure to your poster campaign your 30 second campaign can be either static or animated. There is a maximum of 7 advertisers/hour.

Click here for more information about the Digital MediPoster



Digital MediPoster

Digital MediPoster


Regional representative contacts:


  • Auckland sites: Angela McGregor

  • Northland sites: Angela McGregor

  • East sites: Steph Meredith and Louise Fox

  • Central North Island: Christine Nicol

  • Wellington sites: Ann O’Brien

  • Canterbury/Nelson sites: Lynne Bartlett

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