Mediboard and MediPoster now appear in 800+ waiting rooms throughout New Zealand. The new Mediboard system provides a contemporary board holding A5 and DLE brochures, and A3 Posters for your waiting room. This new look board has several features to ensure brochure materials are always professionally displayed but accessible for your clients.

Is It Free?

There is no cost to your practice to install or maintain your MediBoard & MediPoster. The funding comes from a wide range of companies, government organisations and Healthcare suppliers, who use MediBoard to distribute their information.

Why MediBoard?

Mediboard reduces clutter and helps keep your waiting room neat and tidy - something your busy staff will appreciate. We give you a wide range of current, high-quality health information that your patients can enjoy while they wait, and take with them as they leave.

Call us:   0800   285 268

Call us: 0800 285 268

How may MediBoard assist you with your accreditation?

The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights 1996 can be displayed where patients can view the content, ‘The Code’ must be displayed so that patients can be aware of their rights when using health and disability services.

What content is in MediBoard and who manages it?

Mediboard is responsible for the content management of the Mediboards and requests that if you have brochures that you want to put in the board that you arrange that at the time of installation with the local representative.

Mediboard ensures that the information in your waiting room is current and covers a range of diverse health and education topics such as:

  • Government content from ACC, The National Screening Unit
  • Pharmaceutical Companies for example: Pfizer and GSK;

  • Health services and agencies

We keep your MediBoard freshly stocked and maintained

Your MediBoard and MediPoster will be regularly and professionally serviced and restocked by a dedicated MediBoard representative, every 4 weeks. That’s one less job for your practice manager.

Choose MediBoard for your Practice

It’s easy to arrange a MediBoard for your practice. Simply fill in the enquiry form below:

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