MediBoard provides you with a cost effective way to distribute your brochures with placement in 800 professional information boards in high profile general practice and hospital waiting rooms around New Zealand.

The MediBoard Network

MediBoard is an information display board system, present in more than 800+ GP surgeries around New Zealand. It is a cost effective way to present your message to 67% of New Zealand’s GP waiting rooms 8 million times each year.* 

MediBoard has an extensive network in General Practice and Hospital waiting rooms.

  • General Practice: we have 61% coverage of the service area we cover in General Practice.

  • Hospital Sites: All major hospitals and regional hospitals are covered.

* Ref: Ministry of Health: 2009 - Parent Information Project. Wellington: Ministry of Health.

Connecting with Consumers

The most preferred ways to get health information according to New Zealand consumers are:

  • Face to face with a healthcare practioner (with an average waiting time of 20 minutes).

  • Second equal: telephone helpline brochures or fact sheets.*

If you have a health message - consider gaining access to your TARGET audience while they are thinking about their health, with MediBoard in the waiting room.

Ref: Ministry of Health: 2009 - Parent Information Project. Wellington: Ministry of Health.

Call us:   0800   285 268

Call us: 0800 285 268


Ideal way to enhance your waiting room campaign with A3 print posters alongside your brochure to create a waiting room campaign.

  • 420+ sites nationwide.

  • Site numbers and costs available on request.


We have several services alongside brochure display and distribution to provide you maximum.

Exposure in the waiting room environment including:

  • Delivery and installation posters to sites, we provide poster installation services to waiting roomsand practice room bathrooms (if appropriate for product category).

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